Sep 7, 2023

TabbyML Newsletter #1

Dear Tabby friends,
We are thrilled to share the news that TabbyML has raised $3M in seed funding from leading VC and angle investors specializing in open source software. The fresh funds will empower us to further refine Tabby's product experience, expand our core team (check out our hiring page to apply!), and pioneer new advancements at the intersection of LLM and developer experiences.
In addition, let's also celebrate our latest product and team updates together!
✅ Tabby is the easiest solution to create an AI coding environment utilizing open source coding models. We've launched our coding assistant IDE extensions in VSCodeVIM, and JetBrains, serving over thousands of developers daily to supercharge their dev experience.
💻 We've released v0.0.1 - the very first stable Tabby release with key new features including FIM inference, in-memory RAG index, and CodeLlama model support! See more at!
💪🏻 As a remote-native company, we hosted our first face-to-face all-hands meeting on 9/25-26 to celebrate achievements and share roadmap. In addition, our team took on an escape room challenge, where we collaboratively worked to rescue a high-school girl from bullying.✌🏻
Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news ahead!
TabbyML Team